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Cooking Ingredients

Our Story

Here at Sunflour, we believe that food should not only taste great, it should also be great for us! As a result, we source the best possible ingredients and prepare them with love and care.

Our breads and sweets feature King Arthur flours, organic flours, many organic spices and herbs, and as many non-genetically modified ingredients as we can find including locally raised items. We strive to bake the best for our guests, and we share what we can within the community.

Fresh Ingredients

Our partners

It’s there in our name: community. At Sunflour Community Bakery, we love working with our community partners that include Northwest Georgia-based farms, mushroom-growers and coffee shops.


Making fresh, organic and delicious meals with the best ingredients possible is our priority, and we know the best vegetables, meats, eggs and grains are the ones we get close to home. That way, we provide the best, locally-sourced and seasonal foods that you love.

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