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Sunflour Friday Night Takeaways

Selection changes weekly.


Order by NOON Thursday

For Friday Pickup

After 3:30

Questions? 706.290.3636

June 2

Bell & Evans oven fried chicken (gf breadcrumbs, gf gravy on the side) white rice on the side $10.75

Oven fried veggies (entree)

white or brown rice on the side, gravy on the side $10.50


Squash casserole $4.25


Green bean amandine $3.75

Braised organic collards $4.25


Garlic rolls 8/pan $6.95


Cheese biscuits ½ dozen or dozen $4.95/$9.00



June 9


Bell & Evans chicken or wild caught salmon niçoise served with mini baguette $13.95/$15.95


Veggie niçoise plate with mini baguette $11.95


Organic Spinach souffle $3.50


Organic romaine salad regular or mini, with assorted salad veggies and citrus vinaigrette $10.95/$5.50


Cheesy drop biscuits ½ doz, dozen $4.95/$9.00


June 16


Riverview farms beef tips and braised veggies $12.95


Organic braised veggie medley $10.95


Loaded rice pilaf $6.25


Non-gmo grilled corn on the cob $1.95 ea


Rainbow salad mini/reg $6.25/$11.25


Riverview farms cornmeal cornbread 12” round or Mini loaves $16.50/$2.50


June 23

Ahi tuna quinoa casserole $12.75

Veggie creamy quinoa casserole $11.25

Roasted veggie medley $3.25

Zucchini slaw serving or by the pound $6.25/$12.75

Whole wheat or white  button rolls ½ doz, dozen $5.95/$9.00


June 30


Wild caught shrimp n local grits $14.95


Grilled veggies n local grits $12.95


Potato n veggie fritters $2.75 each


Cucumber slaw serving or by the pound $6.25/$12.75


Button rolls ½ dozen, dozen $5.95/$9.00

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