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Yellow and Pink Flowers

Mother's Day Menu

Pickup Saturday, May 13, 2:00-3:00

Served ready-to-heat




Berkshire bacon wrapped grassfed filet

mignon $17.25 med rare to allow for reheat

Wild caught salmon or albacore tuna niçoise $15.95

Bell & Evans chicken piccata with linguine $13.75


Mushroom and asparagus Risotto $3.50

Orzo with artichokes $3.95

Potato and veggie fritters(3) $3.75


Spinach galette $4.95

Grilled asparagus $2.95

Squash casserole with havarti $3.50

Carrot soufflé  $3.25


Clementine cake (gf) 

Old world cheesecake

Tea cookies ( dozen)

Lemon lavender loaf (mini or party size, gf or wheat)

Classic coconut cake

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